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Catamaran Yacht Management Services

Pre-Sale consultations

Bahamas Catamaran Sales establishes client-driven relationships through trust and expertise. We are invested in your best interests and will guide you through every step of the yacht-buying process. Our yacht brokers set in-person meetings or on the phone pre-sale consultations to understand your needs and expectations.

From these consultations, we utilize our sailing experiences, model/make knowledge, and market viability research to show catamarans that would suit the clients' needs. The following key factors drive the successful purchase of our listed catamaran yachts:

  • Client budget
  • Primary location of use
  • Desired equipment on board
  • Number people using the catamaran

As your constant companion throughout the purchasing process, our brokers travel alongside to all yacht showings. Once deciding on your vessel of choice, we conduct an in-depth market study that will give you an honest price offer to the seller. Bahamas Catamaran Sales focuses in building a professional relationship with a non-legally binding buyer/broker contract to ensure a strong commitment from the buyer to work with us. We are dedicated to earning your business.


Financing is an important topic Bahamas Catamaran Sales will guide the buyer through. If clients are not a cash buyer and need financing, we recommend clients come to us pre-approved for their budget range. Very few sellers accept contracts that aren't pre-approved so we help our clients prepare for this before the buying process begins. There are key timeframes and actions that affect a successful catamaran yacht purchase:

  • Market study to determine what the boat is selling for
  • Present data to substantiate the offer amount
  • Determine date that buyer needs to accept the boat (usually 2-3 week period)
  • Secure a surveyor for the catamaran yacht
  • Arrange a haul out to inspect the bottom of the yacht
  • Arrange sea trial of the catamaran yacht
  • Buyer reviews the survey and determines negotiations or accepts boat as is

Closing Services

The final part of purchasing our listed catamaran yachts involves closing. We prepare various documents with a closing agent and also keep an escrow account which holds the deposit and disperses funds to the seller and brokers. We also help clients find the proper insurance program for their catamaran yacht.


After the survey, the client will have an understanding of the condition and defects of the catamaran yacht. Bahamas Catamaran Sales can facilitate the improvement, repair, and addition of equipment with contractors and brands we have built relations with during our sailing and chartering experiences.


Post sale, Bahamas Catamaran Sales will guide and educate the client with all the different systems on the catamaran yacht. The navigation, electrical, hobbyist, and mechanical systems of a catamaran yacht can become very complicated, and we commit ourselves to teaching our clients everything about their purchases.

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